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The ACVIM Forum is an important veterinary health care event with more than 3,200 attendees from around the world. The ACVIM Forum consistently boasts a diverse range of provocative speakers, engaging sessions, medical discoveries and innovative exhibitors to keep veterinary health care providers current with the latest trends in veterinary internal medicine, and provides practical information that can be used by veterinarians and specialists in daily practice.

ACVIM Forum Name Use

In ALL cases where text or written copy is used instead of the ACVIM Forum logo, the letters ACVIM and F must be capitalized (ACVIM Forum)

ACVIM Forum Logo Use Guidelines

In order to maintain a uniform image that adheres to ACVIM brand guidelines, the following are basic polices regarding use of the ACVIM Forum logo. Altering the logo is not permitted; the logo's size, proportions, color, and design may not be altered in any way.

The ACVIM Forum logo can be used for promotion the ACVIM Forum and is not for commercial use unless pre-approved. The logo may not be used for the purpose of generating income or in any manner implying the endorsement or promotion of products of services.

Users of the logo accept sole responsibility and liability for the content of any materials or publications that they generate.


To use the ACVIM Forum logo and to receive artwork please contact:

April Sramek
Marketing and Communications Manager
303.231.9933 x. 122  |  800.245.9081 (US and Canada only)